Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

  • How do I register as a broker?

    Please visit our Register page. Once you’ve completed your information, one of our team will contact you with the application form and explain the process.

  • How do I make a claim?

    Please click here to visit our Claim section, where we will walk you through both how to make a claim and the steps involved in the process.

  • What countries are not covered under the Health and Protection policies?

    Health: Our health plans are available to residents worldwide excluding the USA, Netherlands and Switzerland. You will be covered while on temporary trips to these excluded countries provided they are within your area of cover. Please note coverage in the USA is limited to temporary trips only, on our Area 2 and Area 3 plans.

    Protection: We cannot consider an application for a Global Life or Global Income Protection plan if applicants are resident in any of the following countries or areas (or any country or region that the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office advises against all travel to, or has advised its citizens to leave. You can check whether the country or area that you reside in, or will be residing in, is one of these countries or areas by clicking here):

    Afghanistan, Angola, Antarctica, Benin (except office based staff), Burundi, Central African Republic, Chechnya, Democratic Republic of Congo, East Timor, Ghana, Haiti, Indian states of Jammu, Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat, Iran, Iraq, Israel (including all Palestine Territories), Ivory Coast, Liberia, Libya, North Korea, Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Switzerland, Syria or Yemen.

    If temporary trips are taken to any of the above countries/regions other than Switzerland or USA, there is no cover for death or disablement arising from, or as a consequence of war or terrorism, or other risks of violence, whilst you are in that country or region. Coverage in Switzerland or USA is unaffected whilst on temporary trips. For further information, please get in touch.

    Whilst a resident in, or on a temporary trip to Nigeria, there is no cover for death or disablement arising from, or as a consequence of waror terrorism, or othe risks of violence.

  • What are the age limits on each of the products?

    Applicants must be under age 70 when applying for international health insurance; under age 70 when applying for a global life insurance plan and under 56 when applying for an income protection plan.

    We can continue to renew plans for as long as cover is required for international health insurance; applicants can renew your global life insurance plan up to age 70 and applicants’ income protection plan will cease on their 65th birthday.

  • What are the benefit limits on each of the products?

    Global Health Elite:

    Bronze – US$1,500,000/£950,000/€1,100,000

    Silver – US$2,500,000/£1,500,000/€1,800,000

    Gold – US$4,500,000/£2,800,000/€3,300,000

    The above is the overall maximum limit that each insured person can claim during any one period of cover.

    Global Health Essential:

    Essential Care – US$250,000

    Essential Care Plus – US$500,000

    The above is the overall maximum limit that each insured person can claim during any one period of cover.

    Global Life: Applicants may apply for life cover of up to 20 times their current annual salary. The maximum amount they can insure is $1,500,000.

    Global Protection: Applicants may apply for annual income cover of up to 75% of their annual salary, subject to a maximum amount of $144,000. The Protection plan will provide applicants with a regular monthly replacement income when an illness or injury prevents them from working for a continuous period of longer than three or six months

  • How do I apply for a policy?

    If you have a question about a plan, renewal, or would like to make any changes to a policy, please call one of our dedicated policy team members on +44 (0) 1276 486455 or email us at Our team would be delighted to help.

  • Do you offer term life insurance?

    We do not offer term life insurance. Our Global Life plan is an annually renewable product. For more information please get in touch here.

  • How can I pay for a policy?

    If the premium is paid for annually, it can be paid by credit or debit card, bank transfer, or cheque.
    If the premiums are paid half-yearly, quarterly or monthly, they must be paid by credit or debit card, or, if paying in GBP Sterling from a UK bank account, this can be paid by direct debit.
    Our plans are available in US Dollars, Sterling and Euros.

  • Is a medical needed before buying a product?

    We will advise whether you need to undergo a medical examination and/or additional tests upon receipt of your application form. If you do need a medical, you can have this done locally with any doctor who holds western qualifications and can complete the report in English.

  • Does claim history affect the premium for the Health plan?

    The international health insurance plan will not cover a medical condition the policyholder has suffered from, or been treated for, before the plan commenced, unless full details of the condition have been disclosed, and we have agreed to cover it.

    Once the plan is in force, however, the policy holder’s personal claims and medical experience will not affect their renewal premiums.

  • Where do you offer Direct Billing?

    Please visit our Direct Billing page for a full list of medical providers in our network.